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The Fate Bundle will help you to achieve that "Big N" sound right in your in-the-box mixes... At a discount price!

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The Fate EQ library is based on one of the most famous console modules ever: Designed in the 1970s, and still one of the most desirable modules in the world: The 1073.
With our software eq, you can even extend beyond the possibilities of the actual hardware! By using Nebula's interpolation, you can create curves that cannot be achieved with the original hardware, while still obtaining the lovely flavor and character of the hardware.

Designed in the late 1960s this unit is still highly sought after. Once you experienced its unique sonic characteristics you cannot get it out of your mind.
We are proud to make this classic "fat" and "round" tone now available in your DAW. Due do its strong color by the 1272 circuit (as used in 1970s Neve consoles as well) this compressor is a perfect unit for "Nebulization"...