E.A.R. Complete

The E.A.R. Complete bundle will fulfill all your reverb needs. Get all parts of our well known Epic Acoustics Reverb at a very attractive discount price.

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Bundle Content

E.A.R. is split into 5 main categories that complement each other perfectly: Rooms, Halls, Plates, Spaces and Chambers & Ambiences are sold as different products to let our customers gain first impressions on the library at a low price with the option to upgrade to the full library later.

This part of the library is dedicated to the sound that made the original hardware famous.

This part of the library contains 44 presets:
From authentic large/small hall emulations up to slightly surreal longer reverbs.

This part of the library contains 38 presets that take care of plate-style sounding reverbs.
It will sound very different to your software emulations...

This part of the library contains 57 presets:
Churches and other large spaces, chambers, ambiences and some really interesting FX-style reverbs.