2016-04-01 - 64BIT UPGRADES

OF SNAP COMPRESSOR, FATE EQ, FATE COMPRESSOR Owners of these products can now download the upgrade. Please message us at: support[├Ąt] We will need to authorize it offline, so please be aware of turnaround times. Thanks for your patience!

2013-01-06 - NEW release: Epic Acoustics Reverb

We are happy to announce our latest release:
E.A.R. Rooms - which is the initial release of a new product line.

Enjoy these fine reverbs that define a new standard for Nebula reverbs!

2012-11-02 - Mammoth EQ Bugfix

We fixed some issues with Mammoth EQ that some users were reporting for the programs

"MAM EQ 27KHz 96", "MAM EQ Kick1 44" and "MAM EQ Kick2 44".

Get the latest bugfix here:

2012-01-20 - W735 v1.4 Update & Mac Release Candidate

A release candidate for the Mac version of the plugin is available and ready to be tested right now. We hope we can release the Mac version within a couple of days now.

A bug that could cause some weird phase behavior or simply flip the phase has been fixed in the v1.4 update for PC.

2012-01-20 - Tapatalk Support Activated

We are happy to announce that we have activated Tapatalk support for our forum.
This will not only make browsing and posting in our forum much more enjoyable - it will help us to improve our response speed for the support forum a lot, because we can track this on our smartphones now.

If you own a smartphone or iPod: Give it a try!