Tank Verb

About Tank Verb

Tank Verb is a unique collection of Nebula presets dedicated to accurately recreating the famous Accutronics spring reverb tanks. There are dozens of impulse response libraries of classic studio spring reverb units, but almost no library takes care to represent these awesome little spring reverb tanks that have been built into countless guitar and keyboard/organ amplifiers for decades. We decided to fill this gap by not only capturing the sound of the Accutronics reverb tanks and their tube-driven reverb gain stage as perfectly as possible, but at the same time making the digital results suitable to more sources than just guitar or keyboard tracks.

We used a legendary 2x12 combo amp* for clean tones and parts of its circuit (yes, a real one!), but we still felt the need to build a better reverb driver based on our own creative experiences. We think that the results of this library are stunning.

Time-proven concepts meet spectacular innovation!

By using different filters in the reverb driver and changing the tubes in the gain makeup stage before sampling each preset we feel that we more than achieved our goal - a dedicated spring reverb library for Nebula that provides a vast selection of amazing spring reverb tones.

* This guitar amp is the eponym of the library. The amp itself is often described as being as heavy as a tankā€¦.

Library Content

20 different spring reverbs (Core Library) + Additonal variations (Add-On Library). 228 presets (12GB) in total.
Each preset comes with a preview and lightweight (clean) program.


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System Requirements

PC: Nebula2, Nebula3 or Nebula3PRO/Server with installed commercial license - 32/64 Bit
Mac: Nebula3PRO/Server with installed commercial license - 32 Bit

User Reviews

"Wow! This reverb sounds really different than all my other libraries. It's something very special!" - Nico Rebscher, Songwriter (Berlin, Germany)