We are happy to introduce our new "Unique Mixing Tools" product line. While previous releases were focused mainly on the emulation of high-end hardware, the "Unique Mixing Tools" are of a very different kind: Each library has been created by modifiying, combining, and sometimes even "abusing" a vast range of analog hardware. From tube guitar amps to old hifi decks: We sampled everything that we liked to use in extraordinary mixing and tracking sessions.

The results provide you unique tone shaping tools that are exclusively available in "Nebula-Land"!

Because most libraries are based on a small number of samples and the fact that those products will ship "raw" without installers and manual we can offer them at an incredible price. However, they are built of the same distinctive quality that you know from our boutique releases.

Library Description

10 Frequency bands (31/61/125/250/500/1000/2000/4000/8000/16000 Hz)
Boost/Cut up to 9dB.

Based on a graphic equalizer from the 70s. It was an important tone shaper in the signal chain of Eddie Van Halen's guitar sound.

Maybe the sound can be compared a little bit to the punchy API style.

Library Content

3 different Programs (2 EQs, 1 Combo) - 116MB


 Manual N/A    Demo N/A

System Requirements

PC: Nebula2, Nebula3 or Nebula3PRO/Server with installed commercial license - 32/64 Bit
Mac: Nebula3PRO/Server with installed commercial license - 32 Bit

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