The Passualizer 625Q


Built in the 70's, this inductor based EQ was an integral part of the 625 mixer called "Kleinstudiogerät KSG625" made by Elektroakustik Leipzig. The Passualizer 625Q features an all discrete circuit with a massive inductor sound. The fully sampled end-to-end signal path of this passive equalizer includes the HV625.11 main amplifiers of the 625 mixer, which adds huge and wonderful sounding transformer characteristics to every audio signal that passes through it.

This is truly a secret weapon EQ that is outstanding for injecting big boosts of silky 40kHz air, smooth highs, mids that are nothing short of ear candy and noticeably tight, solid bass. The transformers that were sampled here are simply dripping with the famous 3D feel and heft you crave for your audio.


Only a very few of these consoles and eq's have been built and still only a very few have survived. With this painstakingly sampled exclusive library, you get an exact replica of this rare and special gem. Shape your music like never before with the Passualizer 625Q!

Library Details

After installation you are advised to send the SERIAL file via e-mail to the support to receive a working AUT-File.


 Manual    Demo N/A

System Requirements

PC: Nebula2, Nebula3 or Nebula3PRO, N4 with installed commercial license 32/64Bit
Mac: Nebula3PRO, N4 with installed commercial license 32/64Bit

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