Tube Console Bundle

About Tube Console Bundle

The Tube Console Bundle of for Nebula is based on 2 valve mixing desks that have an inherently warm character. The console emulation derived from the bigger model, while all knobs are sampled of the smaller, but almost similar desk. The tonal characteristics can be varied from clean-but-warm through to an obviously rich and slightly overdriven, but never unpleasant, sound.

The Tube Console Bundle is the perfect toolset to get rid of that cold, 2D "in-the-box" sound of your mixes.

Tube Console Specifications

We sampled each part of the console: EQ, Pan knob, Tube input stage (3 variations) and Master Output. Except the Pan knob and the eq, all programs are included as 96KHz versions as well.

EQ Specifications:
Hi Shelf @12kHz, +/- 15dB and Lo Shelf @80Hz, +/- 15dB.
Mid (Peak): 50Hz - 18kHz, +/-15dB. (2 bands of the hardware have been merged.)

Presets included

12 in total. 8 for console emulation (44.1 & 96kHz), 3 EQ bands, 1 Panorma knob


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System Requirements

PC: Nebula2, Nebula3 or Nebula3PRO/Server with installed commercial license - 32/64 Bit
Mac: Nebula3PRO/Server with installed commercial license - 32/64 Bit

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