Here it is, the first reverb-collection from called: phonocamptica.
Its name is derived from the works & studies of Athanasius Kircher, who was a scholar of the 17th-century and has written about music and acoustic.

One of his titles is called: "Musurgia Universalis" (1650). In this specific title he is experimenting how sound reflects. With "Magia Phonocamptica, sive de Echo", Kircher has developed regularities in how sound reflects. Because of his works and studies, this library is dedicated to Kircher and his studies.

With more than 50 different reverb-programs, we have build a universal library for nearly every task where a reverb is useful, be it for movies & soundtracks, intruments, vocals or sound design.

All the reverbs are derived from two of the most famous reverb-machines out of denmark. What makes it very special is the fact, that we have tweaked every single program until we were satisfied by our own.

Library Content

55 presets (6.4GB) in total. Each preset comes with a quick loading preview.


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System Requirements

PC: Nebula2, Nebula3 or Nebula3PRO/Server with installed commercial license - 32/64 Bit
Mac: Nebula3PRO/Server with installed commercial license - 32 Bit

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