W735 EQ

About W735 EQ

The W735EQ is based on the very rare and hard to find W735/1 equalizer which was designed and manufactured by the RFZ – Rundfunk- und Fernsehtechnisches Zentralamt (RFZ) / Deutsche Post.
It's design was also used in the EB800 as a Mono-Module.

Only a few of them ever were built and survived the post berlin-wall-time...

...But we made it immortal and accesable to the afterworld!

We're happy to own two of these rare and special equalizer and that we have ported them for you as a plug-in. Now you can use it on everything you want! As much as you want! Use it to shape your sound with this unique equalizer! No need for the 1000th emulation of all the other big-name-equalizers.
Thanks to the V.V.K.T-Engine from Acustica Audio, together with the best converters money can buy, you are in luck to have a very accurate recreation inside your DAW.

Plugin Specifications

Boost/Cut (+/- 9dB) in 1dB steps. Frequencies: 63Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 1kHz, 2.5kHz, 6kHz and 11kHz.


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System Requirements

PC: 2GB of RAM, HD: 500mb, VST compatible AUDIO HOST
The W735EQ is Windows only!

User Reviews

"I've tested the W735EQ, and it's very musical. Love what it can do to enhance the highs and lows. " - Vic Nest ()

"Damn good!!! Absolutely suitable for Mastering or Mixing. Very smooth! " - Nico Duda (Germany)

"The W735EQ is just the right tool for a silky and smooth high end, only a few equalizers (the Siemens W295B comes to mind) can do that musical boost without sounding harsh." - David Sánchez, Mercado Negro Estudio (Venezuela)