E.A.R. - Plates

E.A.R. is the perfect reverb library when you are too tired of all of the reverbs that sound artificial and did not merge with your music. Its sound is so rich, authentic, and dense that your E.A.R. will make you feel the space and room of each preset!

A state of the art hardware reverb, mastering grade converters and years of core-knowledge about Nebula are combined to present you a reverb library that will take your Nebula experience to a higher level. Just like the original hardware, it will sound different and better than anything you have heard before!

E.A.R. is split into 5 main categories that complement each other perfectly: Rooms, Halls, Plates, Spaces and Chambers & Ambiences are sold as different products to let our customers gain first impressions on the library at a low price with the option to upgrade to the full library later.

All presets have been sampled natively at 44.1kHz and 96kHz and are packaged with a preview which is based on a single sample to achieve fast loading times.

Library Content

152 Presets (38 different reverb presets @44.1kHz, 96kHz + a preview version)


 Manual    Demo N/A

System Requirements

PC: Nebula2, Nebula3 or Nebula3PRO/Server with installed commercial license - 32/64 Bit
Mac: Nebula3PRO/Server with installed commercial license - 32/64 Bit

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