This inductor & germanium based EQ is an integral part in many studio setups from mixing to mastering facilities. The BLUE EQ adds a massive analog sound with a lot of “mojo” . Sampled with mastering grade converters and cables, this eq makes every sound bigger and holographic.

The BLUE EQ features a wide selection of bands and frequencies you can choose from.


The Low Frequency Band which ranges from 30Hz up to 220Hz, with bell or shelf modes to choose from, the Mid Band which ranges from 300Hz to 8300Hz, and the High Band, with a selectable bell or shelf mode, ranges from 3200Hz up to 20.000Hz for all your “air” needs.

Library Details

4 main EQ programs with variations (~1.5GB), Low Peak, Low Shelf, Presence, High Band


 Manual    Demo N/A

System Requirements

Tested on: Nebula 3 & Nebula 4 Windows 7
Tested on: Nebula 4 , Mojave , MacOs

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