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We do want to make the shopping experience even better. Therefore we locate to a new home and also need to adjust the new shop as well. This will take some time.

If you still want to buy a library just leave an e-mail at support@analoginthebox.com

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Here is the list of our products:

APEQ Collection - based on an EQ that played a major part in music recording history in the USA during the 60's and 70's.

BOSSQ - Based on a graphic equalizer from the 70s. It was an important tone shaper in the signal chain of Eddie Van Halen's guitar sound.

BLUE EQ - inductor & germanium based EQ - ranges from 30Hz up to 20.000Hz for all your air needs.

DOC FEAR - VACUUM TUBE EQ - is based on a hardware unit that uses passive LC circuitry with class-A triode vacuum tube stages for input and output.

FATE EQ - is based on one of the most famous console modules ever: Designed in the 1970s, and still one of the most desirable modules in the world: The 1073.

GERMANOS EQS - collection of the most famous vintage equalizer modules that have been made in Germany.

MAMMOTH EQ - The Equalization Monster

TwangMojoEQ - It is derived from the tonestack of a famous tube driven guitar amp.

The Passualizer 625Q - this inductor based EQ was an integral part of the 625 mixer called "Kleinstudiogeraet KSG625; features an all discrete circuit with a massive inductor sound.

FATE COMPRESSOR - Due do its strong color by the 1272 circuit (as used in 1970s Neve consoles as well) this compressor is a perfect unit for "Nebulization"...


EAR COMPLETE - the most complete and best reverb available! Its sound is so rich, authentic, and dense.

PHONOCAMPTICA 1 - All the reverbs are derived from two of the most famous reverb-machines out of denmark

PHONOCAMPTICA 2 - This library is the continuation of our successful virtous reverb library called: phonocamptica

TANK VERB - Tube Driven Spring Reverb Library

TUBE CONSOLE BUNDLE - is the perfect toolset to get rid of that cold, 2D "in-the-box" sound of your mixes.


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